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A policy discussion blog for LGBT families and allies.
Welcome to the official weblog of Families Joined by Love, the one-stop bookstore, resource guide, and discussion community for LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) parents and their loved ones.

At our online headquarters, we provide information on a wide array of topics on LGBT parenting and family life. In our bookstore, you will find books covering every stage of child development, from infancy through adolescence and beyond. We also offer an extensive selection of titles pertaining to the unique legal and financial issues LGBT individuals face. Finally, we provide a wide range of resources for members of the professional community, including scholarly texts on homosexuality and relationships as well as guides for social workers and adoption professionals.

With this blog, we aim to bring LGBT families and allies together for discussion and activism to promote marriage equality, social acceptance, and family building opportunities for the LGBT community. Specifically, our content here will focus on current issues and events in public policy, politics, health care, and other related areas that impact LGBT families. Posting is by invitation only--if you want to start threads, please email us to inquire about blogging as a guest--but commenting is open to all members. As such, we do ask that when replying to posts here, you follow a few basic rules:

1. Keep your language LGBT-friendly at all times. Any poster who uses anti-homosexual or anti-transgender hate speech will be banned from posting and reported to the LJ abuse team.

2. Keep your replies on-topic. Any issue related to the LGBT community is fair game. Replies that do not relate to LGBT issues in any way whatsoever will be deleted.

3. Keep your replies clean. Profanity is allowed, but replies with lewd or violent images will be deleted and the poster will be banned. If you have doubts about whether or not something is appropriate for posting, ask! We're happy to help out.

4. Keep your replies respectful. The Families Joined by Love blog is a discussion forum, not a battleground. Individuals engaging in personal attacks on other posters or other "flame war" behavior will be banned.

Essentially, we want to provide a safe and supportive environment in which LGBT families and allies can come together, talk about relevant issues, and make connections with one another both intellectually and socially. We welcome input from all individuals from both the LGBT and allied communities. As long as you follow the basic caveats of being kind and respectful to your fellow posters, and keeping your replies relevant to the posted discussion topics, we're more than happy to have you here.

To participate in discussions on a greater variety of topics in LGBT family life and culture, please visit the discussion forums on our main site. No invitation is needed to start discussion topics on the forums at our main site; likewise, our discussion boards cover a far greater variety of topics than this blog does. But if you're keen on politics and policy, or just curious to learn more about current issues in civil rights, we encourage you to join up and chime in here at joinedbylove.

Enjoy participating in discussions here, and please do contact us if you'd like to make a suggestion or a guest contribution. To keep up on joinedbylove posts, just friend the community (also known as "watching") or click on the pushpin icon at the top of this page to get notified of updates via email. Also, head over to our homepage for a wide variety of books, links, and other resources on LGBT family life.

All our best,

Laurie Wallmark, President

Xan Nowakowski, Vice President