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Update on Same-Sex Marriage Policy in NY, CA - Families Joined by Love

About Update on Same-Sex Marriage Policy in NY, CA

Previous Entry Update on Same-Sex Marriage Policy in NY, CA May. 30th, 2008 @ 07:03 pm Next Entry
Apparently May has been Marriage Month from coast to coast as far as LGBT news goes, so we'll close out this month with a quick update on the same-sex marriage legalization and recognition efforts in New York and California.

Earlier this month, New York Governor David Paterson issued a directive mandating state agencies to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Not surprisingly, opposition to this policy has emerged from the conservative wing of New York's population. In addition to allowing individuals in same-sex marriages performed in other states to enjoy the same rights and privileges under the law as opposite-sex married couples should they move to New York, this policy will also give New Yorkers in same-sex relationships the option to marry in other states and have their status recognized appropriately.

Currently this last bit is not much of an option since only Massachussetts currently recognizes full marriage for same-sex couples, and only then for individuals who are actually Massachussetts residents. Nonetheless, Governor Paterson's directive constitutes a strong step in the right direction for gay marriage rights, and also for greater parity of rights for individuals living in different US states.

Meanwhile, in California the Supreme Court must now respond to pressure from 10 other US states whose Attorney Generals are requesting a stay of finalization in the Court's ruling to legalize same-sex marriage for Californians. Ostensibly this is a logistical issue; the stay would allow other states to determine whether or not they would recognize same-sex marriages performed in California. Looking at the list of states requesting the extension, the political breakdown is roughly half liberal and half conservative, so at this point it would prove difficult to determine whether or not the request for stay of ruling is ideologically motivated.

If any of you readers have further information on these emerging issues in California and New York, please comment here!

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